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Are Female Managers More Engaged than Men?

Hats off, ladies. While you only hold 33 percent of American’s managerial positions, a recent Gallup survey indicates that you’re outperforming your male counterparts on several fronts — including fostering employee engagement. The survey of 2,500 U.S. managers reports that …Read More

Hey CEOs, Why So Sensitive?

Forbes contributor Victor Lipman has a bone to pick with America’s CEOs, many of whom he believes give employee engagement short shrift because it’s too “touchy-feely.” He argues that corporate leaders need to realize that employee engagement isn’t about sensitivity …Read More

The Importance of Storytelling

We’re so glad that we stumbled upon Sharlyn Lauby’s fun and informative blog, HR Bartender. In an October 29 post, Lauby writes about how “effective storytelling” is a key ingredient to organizational culture — and, more specifically, how storytelling can …Read More