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Gettin’ digi with it

Not embracing modern tools and tech in your company? That could be a problem, especially when it comes to engaging your employees. According to a recent post at elearningindustry.com by Blake Beus, the right digital tools can disrupt “stale corporate …Read More

U.S. employee job satisfaction higher than ever

Can’t get no (workplace) satisfaction? You’re in the minority. The 2016 Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement report by the Society for Human Resource Management states that 88% of employees are “somewhat” or “very” satisfied with their current job — the …Read More

Verizon: A case study in how not to engage employees?

Employee labor disputes tend to generate passionate public opinion across the spectrum, and Verizon’s recent entanglement with nearly 40,000 employees from two unions is certainly no exception. Regardless of where your sympathies lie, reading Colin Shaw’s take on the matter …Read More

Summertime Engagement Strategies

For the average American employee, there can be a lot to love about summer: sun-filled morning and evening commutes, lunch alfresco with coworkers, and a generally more relaxed vibe around the office. But for these very same reasons, it can …Read More

5 daily language habits for leaders

In a recent article for Inc., Gordon Tredgold couldn’t have a clearer message for American business leaders: “It’s you who has the biggest impact on the engagement of your team.” Pretty simple — as are Tredgold’s five things leaders can …Read More