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Our People

Results Through People

We’re renowned for our culture. It’s different here, and our clients benefit. We share an uncompromising dedication
to integrity and collaboration. In a nutshell, we have MORE knowledge, passion and creativity and we’re not afraid to use them.


Sherry Kelly Air Specialist
Lisa Loeffler Account Service Director
Swathi Durgam Software Engineer
Beth Schulefand Business Development Director
Jean Van Westen National Account Director
Tanya Easthouse Senior Account Manager
Audrey Retka Manager, Sales Support
Sam Kearns Transportation Specialist
Sara Snyder Graphic Designer
Kathie Brown Senior Account Manager
Kristina Copley Senior Account Manager
Richelle Taylor Business Development Director
Sara Mickelson Senior Account Manager
Joy Hansen Business Development Director
Marie Saraga On-Site Operations Manager
Dawn Finnvik Manager Billing, Meetings & Events
Greg Mazzuco Vice President, National Accounts
Sophie Vrba Marketing Intern
Gretchen Harrington Business Development Director
Joanie Miskowiec Phillips Director, Purchasing and Industry Relations
Kari McCullough Manager, Accounting
Averi Shrode Receptionist
Julie Higgins Account Manager
Kristina Krogstad Supervisor, Air Transportation
Scott McKone Business Development Director
Linn Bergmann Technical Project Manager
Holly Glaeser Senior Account Manager
Sarah Sheehan Event Design Manager, Purchasing
Lisa Kush Account Manager