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Top 10 Incentive Companies That Are Shaping The Industry

MotivActionhas been named as one of Incentive Magazine’s Top 10 Incentive Companies That Are Shaping The Industry. The criteria for being named to the list included company size, how active the company and its executives are in the industry, and how creative it is in running programs and embracing new tools and technologies.

Now in its 39th year in the incentive business, Minneapolis-based MotivAction doesn’t limit its focus to specific industries, but has clients among large companies in all industries, including 26 Fortune 500 companies. “One reason we don’t focus on any one industry is we believe motivation is motivation, salespeople are salespeople, customers are customers,” says Joe Keller, the president and COO. “We have a simple, six-step Path to Performance that helps companies close the gap … and get salespeople to sell more, employees to perform better, and customers to be more loyal.”

One business area that has grown in importance for MotivAction these past few years, Keller says, is making sales incentive programs more accessible via mobile technology, especially as more companies find a larger percentage of their employees, particularly salespeople, working remotely. “We’ve done an enormous amount of work with mobile,” Keller adds.

MotivAction has been in very good shape over the past four years, Keller notes. The firm added 15 new clients in each of the past two years and saw revenues grow by 17 percent in 2011 and in 2012. MotivAction also has a 97 percent client retention rate, and has been working with some of its clients for the past 20 or even 30 years. In an industry built on relationships and the elements that bind those together — from engagement to recognition— that certainly speaks volumes.

Link to original article in Incentive Magazine by Deanna Ting and Leo Jakobson