January 10, 2018

MotivAction’s Duty of Care

At MotivAction, the moment we start planning an experience for your guest, we start planning for their safety as well.

Our Duty of Care responsibilities—or the practice of Disaster Planning—initiates the moment your guest registers to participate in our programs and continues into the airport, host hotels, surrounding communities and all points in between.

We look closely at the profiles of the travelers on our programs. Having knowledge of their level of travel experience, and any physical or other support that’s necessary, can help us better plan our Duty of Care services to ensure each participant is given our utmost support.

As a global travel planning company, we know where and when travelers are in any given location at any given moment. Through technology and our person-to-person operational strategies, we know how to find them and communicate with them, should the need arise.

Our approach is centered on intelligence, connection, and anticipation. We feel it’s important that your travelers receive early warning of disruptions, helping them avoid or minimize the impact to their safety, productivity and overall travel personal experience.

Throughout program planning, up until the last participants return to their originating cities and open the door to their home, MotivAction has a Duty of Care plan in place. Our plan ultimately reduces the number of travel related incidents, decreases operational risks, and reduces costs while improving travelers’ peace of mind.

Summary of MotivAction’s Duty of Care Plan:

  • Threat identification
  • Evaluate the relevance of the threat to a traveler’s profile
  • Calculate the level of risk for the traveler and the client company
  • Compliance and alignment to MotivAction risk mitigation strategies set within operational plan that reduce threats to an acceptable risk level
  • Using technology and person-to-person intercultural communication we can provide real-time tracking, monitoring and reporting of detail changes in threats that would impact Duty of Care plans
  • Implementation of response plan; communication, care, act, report and document incidents if they occur
  • Recover risk impact through third party supplier relationships and insurance networks

MotivAction’s full Duty of Care policy is available upon request.