September 26, 2018

A Slovenia travel experience from one of our own

I was on my way to Ljubjana, Slovenia. I didn’t know exactly where that was. I didn’t even know how to pronounce the name.  But I was excited.

Every picture I’d seen of Slovenia was beautiful and inviting.  Slovenia is a country nestled between the Alps, Mediterranean Sea and the Pannonian Plain.  It is so different from east to west and north to south; Slovenia was full of surprises.

Ljubljana (pronounced Lube Lee Ana) was given the honor of European Green Capital in 2016 and is one of the cleanest cities I have ever visited.  Parks abound throughout the city and country and most citizens have their own gardens to grow fresh vegetables for cooking.  The curving Ljubljana River, lined with outdoor cafes, divides the city’s old town from its commercial hub.  Ljubljana has a very walkable, colorful old city center, filled with markets, scenic bridges, parks, and the Ljubljana Castle showcases stunning views of the city.

Ljubljana and the area around is the perfect hub for fun and unique experiences. One of my favorite trips outside of the city was the trip to Bled, which is where the most photographed alpine lake in Slovenia is surrounded by the picturesque Julian Alps. Nearby, a small idyllic island with a quaint church invites guests to visit by taking a local pletna boat across from the shore.  Here, everyone can be a professional photographer – all photos are magnificent.

A highlight was the famous Postojna Cave with 13 miles of spectacular underground passages, galleries and halls discovered 100 years ago. You must experience this spectacle in order to believe it!

South of the Postojna Cave is the renowned European Lipizzan Stud Farm. This farm is known for breeding the most noble horses, who are born black, but turn white as they mature.  This farm has been breeding Lipizzan horses since the 16th century! You can watch them prance, visit them in the stables, and even take a carriage ride.

Not far from Lucija and the Lipizzan Farm is the Mediterranean Sea.  Olive groves, beaches, 14th century saltpans and the delicious Istria wines are highlights in this part of the country.

Slovenia is the land of Serendipities – friendly people, beautiful historic sites, breath-taking scenery, fabulous food and wine and experiences you can only find in Slovenia.

~ Joy Lewis, Travel Solutions Manager at MotivAction