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What’s the Secret to Higher Productivity? Hint: It’s not longer hours.

He’s a prominent Silicon Valley consultant, a respected technology forecaster, and a visiting scholar at Stanford University. He knows a thing or two about productivity in the modern workplace. And he has a paradigm-shifting message for today’s professionals, summed up in the title of his new book, Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. His name is Alex Soojug-Kim Pang, and he thinks that we’ve been approaching the relationship between working hours and productivity backward. In reality, a “century’s worth” of research is pointing to the fact that “overwork in the long run is bad for people and organizations, and also bad for productivity.”

In an interview with The Guardian, Soojug-Kim Pang says that 70-hour workweeks have been entirely overrated. Something else, on the other hand, has been entirely underrated: sleep. He calls sleep “the original rest” and argues that it’s incredibly important for brain maintenance. And, surprisingly, sleep is actually quite productive. “Even though we’re not aware of it, sleep helps us push forward on questions and problems we’re working on during our waking hours.”

Intrigued? You can order Rest here.