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Mangled in Translation

  How often have your marketing folks toiled and sweated to create brand marketing about a new product or service, spent months training the organization on delivery, and working with sales to crystallize your key attributes – only to have …Read More

MotivAction’s Encore Platform World’s First to Earn ISO 10018 Enterprise Engagement Technology Certification

[Minneapolis, MN] (June 7, 2018) – MotivAction, a certified veteran-owned global performance improvement company, announced today that its Encore technology is the world’s first Enterprise Engagement platform to achieve ISO 10018 technology certification. Encore powers Enterprise Engagement on a global scale; …Read More

Michael Kappel Joins MotivAction

[Minneapolis, MN] (April 3, 2018) – MotivAction, a global leader in performance improvement, is pleased to announce the recent hire of Michael Kappel, who joins the MotivAction team as a Business Development Director, based in Minneapolis, MN. Michael brings nineteen …Read More

Does anyone still care?

  Employee Appreciation Day, or Week, or Month (however we choose to celebrate it) has come and gone. Hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of gestures changed hands in March helping punctuate our belief that indeed, our colleagues and co-workers …Read More

Employee Appreciation Day…already?

This morning you woke up and realized that Employee Appreciation Day is…today! Say wha???? Already?? Chances are, you’ve turned to Google for ideas: company T-shirts; breakfast bar; personal project time; lunch out; movie day; volunteering opportunities; spot bonuses; time off; …Read More

5 Workplace Trends for 2018

What will the business landscape look like in the coming year? What shifts and changes should you be anticipating? We looked at workplace trend reports by HR Grapevine and Forbes and distilled the following list. You can (and should) get …Read More