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Best Ways to Motivate your Employees

Employee Engagement - MotivAction

Chances are, 70% of your employees are slacking off this very minute. Although some might at least produce low quality work, others have outright disconnected from their jobs. They could be napping, watching cat videos, or searching for new careers.

It’s intimidating for employers to begin addressing this epidemic of disengaged workers. In fact, many are tempted to just throw more money at their employees to try to pay the problem away—a tactic that clearly isn’t working, since engagement rates are lower than ever.

But not to worry! You can begin to solve your employees’ engagement issues. Step one: understand that employees disengage because they’re dissatisfied. Something is lacking from their work life that’s making them feel unfulfilled. This helpful infographic from Company Folders will teach you what’s missing—and how you can start filling those gaps.

Employee Engagement In The Workplace<

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