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Building stellar employee engagement often starts with recruiting the right people. Here’s how.

If you want excellent employee engagement and a winning company culture, it obviously helps if you engage the right employees. That starts with hiring the right talent, and Jon Stross, president and co-founder of the recruitment software company Greenhouse, has a strategy for doing just that. Greenhouse strategically weaves the company’s six core cultural values into the recruiting process. By doing so, Greenhouse not only attract the right talent, but also continually fosters a values–driven culture with current employees.

Here’s a quick look at Stross’s recruitment model. For the full article, click here.

  • Enlist cross-department teams to conduct culture fit interviews. It gives candidates a better sense of the company and helps eliminate “department-specific silos.”
  • Add your values to every job’s scorecard. Greenhouse uses scorecards to show interviewers what to focus on and how to assess candidates in terms of specific attributes. They put their cultural values (authentic, effective, inclusive and open-minded, collaborative and ambitious) on every scorecard to keep them front and center.
  • Use cultural values to make hiring decisions. After conducting interviews and when employees meet to make a hiring decision, they look at every candidate through Greenhouse’s ‘cultural values’ lens. “Some of the hardest and best decisions we’ve made as a company are to not hire technically proficient people who didn’t uphold our cultural values,” Stross says.