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Departing Employees Can Be Your Strongest Brand Advocates

Employees are going to leave your business. Maybe not all of them. Maybe not even many of them. But you will have employees who turn in their notice, whether it’s to leave for another company, another profession or another ZIP code. Employee attrition is a simple fact of life for business owners.

When an employee leaves your firm, it can create headaches, to be sure. But it can also create a very real opportunity for you to further build your brand — if you have been smart about making employee engagement a top priority.

In an article for Inc., John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., shares an anecdote of when a well-respected employee left his company for a job in another city. While it was hard to see the employee go, Hall was “happy to see her keep growing as a professional and become a brand advocate for us in new places.” Why was he so confident that she would speak well of Influence & Co.? Hall feels that they treated her so well, and trained her so well, that she left with nothing but good feelings about and goodwill toward the company.

Do the people who leave your company feel the same way? If you’re not sure, take a look at what Hall and his colleagues have in place to fully engage their employees and make them life-long brand champions:

  1. Provide mentorship and support system for employees
  2. Offer outside education to fill in the gaps
  3. Implement an effective training process

You can read the entire article, and learn a lot more about Hall’s approach, here.