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Encore - MotivAction

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The Encore website reconfigures its formatting to fit a smart phone or tablet—automatically. There is no need to build a native app for each device. The platform is easy to navigate and provides a user-friendly experience online or on the go, increasing employee participation.

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Drill-down graphics provide easily digestible reporting on key recognition program metrics. Managers can download presentation-ready graphics or can download granular data into Excel or CSV files for program analysis.

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Managers can create, control, change, and configure system content—without involving programmers. Changing an existing app is made quick and easy by dragging and dropping content boxes and typing in the text. Adding a program update was never so easy.


Encore connects your employees to recognition on any device, any time. The employee engagement software delivers every page, app, report, award or recognition moment on your mobile device, tablet or desktop—independent of the operating system.

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Encore - MotivAction


MotivAction pairs nearly 40 years of award-winning Employee Engagement and Recognition expertise with the best talent in the industry. Our Recognition Success Team and Certified Recognition Professionals® help our clients with program design, ongoing benchmarking, performance improvement, not to mention providing rockstar customer service for your employees.

Employee Engagement market leader with clear insights, backed up by efficient account management and outstanding program results."

Director of Benefits and Compensation Financial Services Company

When employees are engaged, your organization is stronger, healthier, and more productive.

Building a culture of recognition requires organizational alignment, expertise and the right technology. Our team of recognition professionals, paired with our award-winning software, can turn employee engagement into a strategy, and ultimately a culture of caring. We draw on our experience—and the latest technology—to help you design effectively, communicate smartly, train appropriately, track accurately and deliver successfully.

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