Culture starts with thank yous. And fist bumps.
Thank you. Good job. There’s science behind these simple words.

Corporate recognition begins with emotions: appreciation, respect, joy. Enterprise engagement turns heartfelt gestures into a lasting culture.

  • Manager-to-Employee Recognition
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Social Recognition
  • Mobile Recognition
  • Service Anniversary Awards
  • Employee Training
  • Thought Leadership
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics
  • Gamification
  • Global award solutions
  • Recognition Calendar


Encore Platform

Encore is the only ISO 10018 Certified enterprise engagement technology in the world. It is a proprietary, fully responsive, OS-agnostic, social-enabled employee recognition system. A system that makes it easy to acknowledge top performers, shining moments and career milestones. A system that allows for recognition to be a private note or a social celebration. A system with robust manager features for reporting and configuration. A system you can further enhance with direct and channel sales modules.

  • Fully Responsive 
  • OS Agnostic 
  • Social Enabled 
  • Acknowledge Top Performers and Shining Moments
  • Recognize Career Milestones
  • Private Notes 
  • Social Celebrations 
  • Robust Manager Features 
  • Sales Modules


We have a department of WOW!

If creativity is caring enough to push beyond the expected, everyone here is creative. But some of us come with special skills—and a passion for making themes sing, destinations come alive and rewards speak to your audience.

We’re adept at the full range of print, video and digital communications. And everything we do is grounded in sound marketing strategy and integrated with the rest of your solution. We’re the place where talent meets teamwork. And we’ve won 121 design awards in the last ten years… just sayin’.

A secret program is an unsuccessful one. We design creative marketing communications that get attention.

Branding and program identity

Creative marketing strategy

Creative direction

Graphic design



Video and photography

Mobile applications

Website design and digital media


percent client retention rate


donuts were served to our employees on National Donut Day


badges were earned through MotivAction programs in 2018


Designed to prompt high fives in 185 countries.

Over 12,000 items—including merchandise, virtual and physical gift cards, travel, experiences and events—help motivate everyone on your team. Because our rewards can be custom configured and wish-list enabled, you can create the ultimate mix. Because the catalog is mobile-responsive, in 21 local languages, with items sourced and shipped in 185 countries, these rewards speak in your team’s language, on their devices. 


“The proposal was fantastic and I am so pleased I received so many options. That makes you so valuable to me.”

VP of Sales and Marketing | Financial Services Company

“Thank you for listening to us in order to gain a really strong understanding of our current competitive landscape and needs; for sharing great creative and inspiring ideas; and for the message, loud and clear, that our priorities are your priorities.”

VP of Marketing and Communications | Legal Research Service Company

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