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What Frank Sinatra Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement

Frank Sinatra believed he was destined for greatness from a young age, but the path wasn’t nearly as smooth as he thought it would be. In a fascinating blog post for onpeople.com, Aubrey Chapnick reveals that Ol’ Blue Eyes got so frustrated with his slow climb to fame that he hired a singing coach. Rather than help Sinatra with the technical aspects of his craft, the coach taught Sinatra to value, understand and connect to the lyrics.

“By taking the time to understand the background of the music that he was singing,” Chapnick writes, “Frank was able to connect with his audience on a higher level and capture their hearts.”

The same approach is vital for business leaders. Here is Chapnick’s Frank Sinatra–inspired approach for today’s leaders to communicate their organization’s vision and mission “in a way that inspires.”

  1. Personally connect with what your organization’s vision and mission mean to you. Some important questions to ask yourself might be:
    • “What are the things that make me proud to be a part of this company?”
    • “How does this company’s work impact the lives of others for the better?”
    • “How do my daily tasks impact my company’s business?”
  2. Model and project the organization’s vision and mission whenever and wherever you can.
    “Make sure that you become an organizational cheerleader at every opportunity you get. If you commit to doing this on a consistent basis, your employees will take notice fast.”
  3. Create personality around your organization’s vision and mission.
    “By crafting a culture and identity that exemplifies what being a part of your company is about, others will want to buy in. If the leadership team exemplifies this culture on a consistent basis, you might just have a real Rat Pack on your hands by the end of it!”