An Annual Incentive Event Success Story

For six years, MotivAction has worked with one of the top mobile providers in the U.S. to host their enterprise-wide incentive program for top performers. This year, the company chose to host the event in San Juan, Puerto Rico with a group of nearly 1500 participants to support the island still in recovery after Hurricane Maria. With a lead time of only 10 months, MotivAction was able to plan and execute this five-day celebration.


Planning an impactful event on an island still recovering from Hurricane Maria
With five months until the program, the team learned that the hotel with the largest room block would not be done with renovations in time for the event. By working with Discover Puerto Rico, the team was able to source seven additional hotels to find two replacements, resulting in five total participant hotels. Event locations had to be unique, budget friendly, and central to all participant hotels. Two award ceremonies, four hotel receptions, two town halls, individual excursions, and a final night celebration were executed. The team used problem solving and testing of transportation to ensure attendees arrived at group events on time. Puerto Rico is considered an international location in shipping terms, and the team ensured that all materials, merchandise, and production equipment made it through customs to the location on time.

Going paperless
With the use of a mobile app, the team created a completely digital event. The app housed individual itineraries, travel information, activity confirmations, awards night information, maps, and seating charts. It also included an activity feed to post photos and interact with fellow attendees during the event.


  • Four participant hotels and one additional staff hotel
  • 1400+ airline tickets purchased in less than 2 weeks
  • Four site visits
  • Four days of planned activities
  • 10 months of lead time
  • Approximately 4200 room nights booked

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