Anatomy of a Motivation Master

MotivAction and Petco are proud winners of Incentive Magazine’s 2019 Motivation Masters Award in the Recognition category for our work in the design and development of the MyPetcoRecognition enterprise engagement program.


Petco sought a new partner to help design and create a company-wide recognition and reward strategy with specific objectives that included modern technology, efficiencies and motivational strategies to increase market penetration, and reward top performers with unique awards and experiences.


Petco and MotivAction created the MyPetcoRecognition enterprise-wide engagement program. We started with the world’s first ISO 10018-certified Enterprise Engagement software. We designed recognition around Petco’s core values, and we measured engagement meticulously. We then created and delivered a one-of-a-kind incentive event experience and launched sales contests leveraging the incentive application on MyPetcoRecognition.


  • 20 different promotional budgets integrated with the program
  • 35% growth through sales contests
  • 55 Petco employees awarded with incentive travel
  • 80% of employees network-wide recognized for performance
  • Category: Case Study
  • Created by:Jacqueline Fischer
  • Completed on:June 7, 2019

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