Employee incentive program answers the call of success

Capitalizing on innovation and opportunity is important for any business. It’s also what makes the world’s most admired company one of the world’s most financially successful. So when this global technology leader wanted to improve sales performance and profitability in their customer service operation, they made the call to MotivAction.


Careful Analysis Provides Key Insights
Call center managers needed a way to reinforce representative selling efforts immediately and employees needed to be motivated and recognized with reward opportunities that were relevant, fun, and engaging. The answer? Leverage two exclusive MotivAction products, Snap Reward™ and The Big Deal™, to increase sales.

Immediacy + Relevancy = Results
Snap Rewards™ is a code-based reward system. Client managers could issue snap codes instantly to recognize representatives selling protection plans. Codes could be redeemed immediately for rewards, or accumulated by recipients to unlock The Big Deal™ an audience-tailored collection of one-of-a-kind awards offered on a time limited basis. This combination not only provided the immediacy managers needed, but the relevancy representatives required to engage and perform. In addition, the sales incentive program provided flexibility to structure promotions—whenever and however—as client business needs and budgets warranted.


  • 5+ years of successful program results
  • Average of 7%+ sales increases during promotional periods
  • 55% improvement in attachment rate
  • $15,000,000 increase in top line sales revenue

“This is fantastic, with this ROI this is a pure pay for performance model.”

-Director of Marketing
  • Category: Case Study
  • Created by:Jacqueline Fischer
  • Completed on:June 7, 2019

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