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A holistic approach that combines sales enablement, learning, recognition and rewards, delivers incredible return on investment and makes a lasting impact.  When that program spreads across the globe, the success is multiplied.


Our clients wanted to strengthen their alignment with a key OEM partner, with the goals of ensuring the sales organization received ongoing training in the newest technologies and products—and encouraging the sales team to talk to customers about the partners’ joint technology solutions.

Increased Enablement = Lasting Results
The long term investment in the development of a critical sales team has fostered growth in product and selling expertise, strengthened the alliance among partners and created loyalty to the sponsoring clients’ technologies and organizations.

In five years, the sales incentive program has expanded from one US-based sales group to 21 centers across the globe.


  • Incentive program has expanded globally from 1 to 21 sales centers in 5 years
  • 26% increase in year over year sales
  • 91% of participants completed all online and facilitated training
  • Participants rated program in survey a 5 (out of 5)

“Without a doubt, this is the most well thought out reward/sales incentive/partner equity program I have seen us execute in some time…a super model to follow for other segments.”

-OEM Alliance Director
  • Category: Case Study
  • Created by:Jacqueline Fischer
  • Completed on:June 7, 2019

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