This employee engagement program saves lives

Sometimes employee engagement goes beyond retaining your best talent and rewarding top performers. For this Fortune 100 healthcare company, having an engaged workforce means a higher quality product. In this equation quality saves lives.


Recognition in a Distribution Center Environment
We created an employee engagement program that allows recognition to be issued from shared terminals and kiosks, as well as personal computers. Managers and employees recognize each other for what matters most—for living the corporate values, hitting productivity goals, and staying incident/accident-free.

Increased Engagement = Real Results
Increased employee engagement levels resulted in a 42% decrease in product defects.


  • A 42% decrease in product defects
  • Productivity rates have increased 16%
  • Employee satisfaction has increased 10% over four years
  • Turnover has decreased 16%
  • Retention is 94%

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“The program allows employees the opportunity to select their own reward and share our appreciation of them with their friends and family. THAT is a motivator. It is a great rewards program.”

-Director of Operations, Distribution Center
  • Category: Case Study
  • Created by:Jacqueline Fischer
  • Completed on:June 7, 2019

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