Loyalty is more like a cat.
Customers are your greatest asset.

Customers aren’t instinctively loyal like your four-legged canine friend. They’re more demanding than that. They’re intelligent, informed, skeptical… and ever-so-important to your lives.

Customers are loyal like cats.

Today your customers are bombarded with choice but they want to make good decisions, get great value and feel appreciated.

We can help you reach them—and more importantly—we can help you keep them. Our goal is to help you make customers spend more, stay longer and tell others how great you are.

Through analytics, technology, communications, award choice and just good old-fashioned smart thinking, we can help you focus on the most valuable asset in your arsenal: your customers.

 At MotivAction, we’re cat people. (And we really love dogs too.)


We have a department of WOW!

If creativity is caring enough to push beyond the expected, everyone here is creative. But some of us come with special skills—and a passion for making themes sing, destinations come alive and rewards speak to your audience.

We’re adept at the full range of print, video and digital communications. And everything we do is grounded in sound marketing strategy and integrated with the rest of your solution. We’re the place where talent meets teamwork. And we’ve won 113 design awards in the last ten years… just sayin’.

A secret program is an unsuccessful one. We design creative marketing communications that get attention.

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A customer loyalty story that’s creditworthy

Case Study Customer Loyalty