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Mass Communication and International Applications

The word is in and walkie talkies are out! Thank goodness we don’t have to listen to static and mumbled words anymore in the event industry. Mass communication applications for cell phones, tablets and computers are making it much easier to communicate without the hassle of carrying an extra communication device on your hip. Here is a list of the top easy-to-use apps meant for group and/or international communication.

Ringya: Ringya is a free collaborative address book application that makes a quick and easy way to upload a spreadsheet of contacts with names, phone numbers and addresses to a designated group so everyone in that circle can manage other’s information. With today’s technology, it doesn’t stop there, you can call another member directly from the app in real time. Ringya is commonly used on-site for event coordinators to communicate with staff who may not have each other’s phone numbers saved. One quick upload of an excel spreadsheet with names and numbers, and the app can handle the rest.

HipChat: HipChat is a free application built for teams and businesses to group chat, file share, screen share and video chat when the chatter of a group text gets to be too much. Creating multiple group chat rooms to discuss projects and ideas in a focused environment helps eliminate the confusion in standard group texting. HipChat can also integrate with services that are most commonly used in the workplace and receives notifications (upon settings request) from services like Trello, Google and Jira.

WhatsApp: WhatsApp is most-commonly known for free calling and texting internationally and is used in over 180 countries. Many people outside of the event industry have a strong knowledge of this app as well. WhatsApp depends on Wi-Fi so an off-site event may require additional Wi-Fi to be able to stay connected to the other staff members.

GroupMe: GroupMe is often described as a chat room for small groups – such as an event team on a program. This free app can help get a message relayed to everyone at the same time, without anyone else hearing over a walkie talkie or having everyone check their email. This app also allows you to share your location, photos and send direct messages as well.