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Steps to Build a Promotion - MotivAction
[Minneapolis, MN] (May 9, 2016) – MotivAction, a global performance improvement company and leader in sales and channel incentives announced today the release of a new sales and channel incentive application, PromotionCenter™, designed to automate the creation, launch, communication and measurement of sales and channel incentive programs. PromotionCenter™, the first application of its kind, enables program sponsors, sales managers, dealers and distributors to create unlimited promotions, enroll participants, select promoted products, communicate program rules, measure performance against assigned goals and pay out awards in real-time.

“One of the most exciting features with PromotionCenter™ is the simplicity of use,” said Joe Keller, President of MotivAction. “Companies tell us they struggle with the complexities of designing effective sales and channel incentive programs but have an even greater challenge tracking performance and communicating the results. In just one screen a program administrator or a MotivAction account manager can build an entire incentive program in less than five minutes.”

MotivAction’s Senior Vice President of Business Development, Kari Vrba, adds, “We often hear sales people, dealer representatives and channel partners express frustrations about the lack of communication during an incentive program, the validity of program standings and the timeliness of payouts.” Vrba explains that with PromotionCenter™, “Once a promotion is built, everything is automated. Participant communications are delivered as scheduled. The need for tracking results on Excel spreadsheets is eliminated and standings display real-time. Most importantly, the award payout is aligned with the desired behavior and participants receive their awards as soon as the program closes.”

MotivAction’s PromotionCenter™ application resides on their award winning, web-based Encore™ platform, which is social, mobile, global and rich with applications designed to drive sales performance and reward dealer and partner performance and loyalty. Customer relationship management (CRM) integration and a suite of applications including learn and earn, badging, deal registration, claim forms, leaderboards, dashboards and gamification round out the most complete sales incentive platform available in the industry. Encore™ and PromotionCenter™ are designed to scale for small businesses to large global companies.

To learn more about PromotionCenter™ and how to design effective sales incentives, visit https://www.motivaction.com/sales-incentives-whitepaper/.

About MotivAction
MotivAction, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is a performance improvement company with a single purpose – to help clients achieve MORE. Through sales incentives, employee engagement and recognition, meetings and events, customer loyalty, and training, MotivAction helps clients do more, buy more, sell more and learn more. For more information, visit https://www.motivaction.com.