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The enthusiasm starts here.

The bottom line: our leadership is more concerned with clients than with org charts. How can we help you today?

Joe Keller President and Chief Operating Officer

Joe joined MotivAction in 2008. His main responsibilities include setting the strategy, ensuring the effective execution and leading a culture of recognition and engagement.

Mike Simon Chief Financial Officer

Mike is responsible for the company’s financial strength and a smooth and efficient financial process for our clients.

Kari Vrba Senior Vice President, Business Development

Clients are drawn to Kari’s personality. They also appreciate her expertise in helping them solve business problems.

Stephanie Teig Chief Creative Officer

Stephanie is a highly respected Chief Creative Officer with a cabinet full of industry awards. She has held leadership roles at Navigant Performance Group, Carlson Marketing and Asset Marketing Services.

Mike McWilliams VP, Marketing and Client Strategy

Mike has been in the event and incentive business for 25 years and is responsible for ensuring we create motivational programs that deliver on your needs.

Bill Bryson Chief Executive Officer

Bill joined MotivAction in 1985 with the single purpose of helping our clients achieve MORE. Bill makes sure that the results of our clients are the single measure of our success.