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Our People

Results Through People

We’re renowned for our culture. It’s different here, and our clients benefit. We share an uncompromising dedication
to integrity and collaboration. In a nutshell, we have MORE knowledge, passion and creativity and we’re not afraid to use them.


Amy Schmidt Senior Creative Project Manager
Kari McCullough Manager, Accounting
Julie Carberry Manager of Travel Operations
Jeannie Balestino Senior Account Manager
Jason Redeker Lead Software Engineer
Douglas Dunbar Data Analyst
Greg Mazzuco Vice President, National Accounts
Alla Reed Travel Billing Assistant
Whitney Sommers Website Content Manager
Miranda Hilgers Product Buyer
Eva Thomas Key Account Manager
Karin Mechelke Sr. Creative Project Manager
Chris Rogers Business Development Director
Heathere Willoughby IT Product & Systems Analyst
Trish Gambarelli Design and Purchasing Manager
Gretchen Lilyholm Account Manager
Susan Peckenschneider Senior Client Strategist
Christine Bluhm Customer Support Lead
Lisa Kush Senior Account Manager
Capri Spaulding Account Coordinator
Jenny Weese Key Account Manager
Shawn Aune Software Engineer
Cassie Giesinger Account Coordinator