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Our People

Results Through People

We’re renowned for our culture. It’s different here, and our clients benefit. We share an uncompromising dedication
to integrity and collaboration. In a nutshell, we have MORE knowledge, passion and creativity and we’re not afraid to use them.


Virginia Rottschaefer Air Specialist
Don Woodford Sr. Software Engineer
Joy Machtemes Key Account Manager
Joy Lewis Travel Solutions Manager
Dawn Finnvik Manager Billing, Meetings & Events
Todd Tarvin Quality Assurance Specialist
Marie Saraga On-Site Operations Manager
Erin Shea Product Manager Buyer
Christine Bluhm Shipping Assistant
Matt Robb Business Development Director
Christi Lareau Account Manager
Jason Redeker Manager of Software Engineering
Stephanie Williams Senior Graphic Designer
Laura Schorn Front Desk & Operations Assistant
Kathy Higley Business Development Director
Kris Winkelman-Olson Senior Travel Specialist
Karin Mechelke Sr. Creative Project Manager
Taylor Hauge Account Coordinator
Tami Beehner Senior Account Manager
Kristen Rassmussen Senior Accountant
Rhonda Sucharda Business Development Director
Natalie Finnvik Account Manager
Richelle Taylor Business Development Director
Scott Bluhm Data Analyst