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Mobile Event Apps

Mobile Event Apps That Optimize Your Event For Greatness.

Our Mobile Event Apps are designed to inspire, engage and connect with your audience. Whether it’s increasing attendee participation, building brand loyalty or creating a truly personalized event experience, our apps help your attendees make the most of every minute.

Mobile web usage is rapidly expanding, smartphone ownership is surging, and more and more individuals are using devices like the iPhone to find information and access the web. What better way to reach people during your event than on their cell phones? With MotivAction’s Mobile Event Applications you can do just that. You will be able to directly connect with your audience, keep them engaged in your business, and measure every touch-point along the way.

Mobile Event Apps help our customers

  • Keep attendees connected and engaged
  • Create excitement and buzz
  • Communicate program updates real-time
  • Push information out quickly and efficiently
  • Personalize information
  • Reduce print costs
  • Support “Green” efforts
  • Access detailed event analytics