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Three Key Attributes of an Irreplaceable Employee

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What attributes would you use to describe your all-time favorite coworker or employee? It’s a question that Michael Gottlieb, founding partner of Momentum Law Group, recently posed to a group of 12 CEOs at a monthly roundtable, all of whom agreed on the following short list. Share this with your C-suite. How does your company define an “irreplaceable employee”?

1. No Drama

Favorite employees don’t complain, seek attention or gossip. “They simply perform their jobs.”

2. Operational Focus

“Top employees don’t just talk about ideas or identify problems. Rather, they always focus on how to accomplish the task at hand. These talented individuals know that there is a big difference between having intention and getting things done.”

3. Initiative: Confidence and Internal Motivation

Top employees can receive and internalize feedback. “They have sufficient confidence and self-awareness to accept constructive criticism as a way to improve.”

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