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What’s your SOTU?

Article II Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution requires the President to periodically provide Congress with a State of the Union message on the condition of the country.  President Obama’s recent State of the Union address continues the tradition began by George Washington in 1790 and serves as a good reminder to ask ourselves, what is the “State of Employee Engagement” within our company?

Last year’s Global Workforce Study from Towers Watson provided some sobering statistics about employee engagement levels among their survey participants:

  • 17% of respondents were “detached”  those who feel enabled and/or energized, but lack a sense of traditional engagement
  • 22% of respondents felt  “unsupported,” defined as those who are traditionally engaged, but lack enablement and/or energy
  • 26% of respondents were classified as “disengaged”

Today’s environment of slow economic growth, hyper-competition, and uncertain talent cost structures suggest that the need to reexamine employee engagement strategies and tactics is as important as ever.

Here at MotivAction, refocusing on key areas of performance is exactly what we’re doing.  We’ve established a series of internal employee-led committees focusing on critical areas of engagement including Leadership, Recognition & Rewards, Decision-Making, and Training– all known elements contributing to higher levels of employee involvement and satisfaction.

Less than two months into the New Year, now is an opportune time to assess the state of employee engagement in your company.  We’d love to hear from you about the actions you’re taking and your thoughts about the outlook for employee engagement in 2013.  Share your comments here or on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.